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Vessels 2023

Curated by "Two Curators"


Dates: January 2023


Threads and glue


Wrapping, molding and sawing

Artist statement

This series of containers was born from the threads that connect me to the world around me. Each experience, each encounter, is a delicate thread that weaves its way into my work, forming a tapestry of memories and emotions. A particularly powerful experience occurred when I met a flower seller at a Hindu temple in the small village of Pombrai in the Tamil Nadu region of India. She created a necklace for me, and her words - "she will take me to far away places" - have stayed with me, inspiring my art ever since. The use of threads in my work allows for both weaving and painting, giving me the flexibility to choose colors and texture. The resulting forms are often organic and unpredictable, evoking a sense of mystery and intrigue. My containers invite the viewer to peek inside and discover the "secret in a bottle." Each layer, from the hidden to the visible, tells a story and adds to the overall tapestry of my work. Ultimately, my art is a reflection of my connection to the world around me, a testament to the threads that bind us all together.


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