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Vocabulary 2023

Curated by Danit Ben Dror, an exhibition that dedicates the stage to an important and muted social issue. The Vocabulary exhibition asks visitors to look at it with a critical eye and start leading to change. To see, to understand, to be careful, to take the use of the written and spoken word very seriously, to pay attention to the victims around us.

The works in the exhibition deal in various ways with the interpretation of words, overt and covert. Through the words, the pain and the protest rise, and we call on everyone who was hurt, hurt, was present or suspected - to wake up and believe that we have the power to change. With participation: Ohad Benit, Amira Zian, Hela Shelag, Hani Rothschild, Rauma Zohar Hayut.

Curated by Danit Ben Dror


Dates: July 2022

Location: Kibutz Lohamey Hagetaot Gallery


Threads and glue


Wrapping, molding and sawing

Artist statement

As currents carve grooves in the rock over time, the hollow sculpture explores the symbolic erosion of the self within power relations of control, disdain, belittlement and abuse.

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