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Safe Space #2 2023


Sapir Community Centre, Arava, Israel

Dates: March 2023


Threads and glue


Wrapping, molding and sawing

Artist statement

"A Safe Place" is an immersive hanging installation, intricately crafted with sewing thread delicately wrapped around a carefully designed pattern. Its inception took root during Hana Rothschild's artist residency in Arad, where it flourished through engaging workshops conducted with diverse communities in the region and eventually extended its embrace to other locations within the country. Over 200 participants, encompassing individuals from various religious and secular backgrounds, immigrants, veterans, and members of the esteemed 'Craft Israel' association, came together to contribute to the project's realization.

In a manner reminiscent of silkworms weaving their protective cocoons, this creative endeavor encouraged collaborative efforts, urging participants to confront challenges, setbacks, and transform the delicate threads into a remarkable, hollow construction. The resulting ethereal installation beckons viewers to immerse themselves beneath its graceful presence, inviting moments of serene reflection and tranquility—a tangible sense of being enveloped in a secure sanctuary.


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