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The Spirit of Time 2022

Group exhibition for the Israeli Craft Association 

In the concept of 'the spirit of time,' there is an attempt to pause and examine the essence of the present: the everyday actions, the individual's creation, and its role in culture and society.

During the epidemic, amidst closures and isolation, our familiar lives came to a halt. This pause provided an opportunity to reflect on ingrained habits like consumer culture, boundless communication, and a digital persona that distinguished between sickness and health, while also creating new boundaries between home, environment, and country. Within the context of the times, one may ponder how screens and masks evolved into symbols of an era. Moreover, questions may arise regarding digital identity and the enduring significance of the embodied self, expressed through handwriting and the creative acts of tearing, sewing, burning, and writing.

The marks of the time find expression in the materials used, such as disintegrating greenhouse plastic and the pages of an old book. These materials serve as evidence of individual, collective, and community existence and their means of survival, embodied in the fabric and paper.

Curated by Yuval Etzyoni


Dates: June 2022

Location: Hasadna Le-Omanut Yavne, Israel


Polyethylene Sheets, synthetic fiber and metal frame


Cutting, knotting, welding

Artist statement

"The Greenhouse"

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