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Safe Space, 2021, Tzukim, Israel. Fibre installation 2mx2mx2m of 500 cocoons made of molded DMC fibre. 

Web-like, layered, immersive & blurred, my sculptural creations blend natural and synthetic elements in representations of hurt, dissociation, the fragmented self, and feminist issues. I explore the tension between what is knowable and unknowable, expressible and ineffable, asking questions such as:

What is the visual self, and how does it change? How does memory build up in a person?

I am influenced by my environment, which inspires me to ponder space, time, and culture. Images and ideas surface in my mind like bubbles rising through a liquid. I envision the self as a layered, multi-dimensional, partially obscured, fluid, and abstract form; my work invites viewers into the space of self-reflection.

I find ease in repetitive actions like wrapping, sewing, and cutting, which are integral to my creative process. This cycle allows me to process my emotions and access my subconscious, while infusing them into my sculpture's spirit.

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